My sites are built on Wordpress or Joomla; both are content management systems which allows clients to take control of their website.  Optional, interactive features include blogs, online forms, list building popups, and other plugins upon request.  When you effectively use your website, you build a strong online brand presence that allows you to nurture long term relationships with your web audience.  Building trust online grows your business.

Starboard Digital websites encompass:

  • WordPress or Joomla - client ready to manage (don't worry, I'll teach you)
  • Embedded Blog (express yourself!)
  • Landing pages (airplane not included)
  • Lead forms and special offers to engage  (those funny little popups so people give you their email address)
  • Social Media links (look for me on Facebook!  Ok, I don't use it like I should...)
  • Google Analytics (gotta know your traffic numbers)
  • On-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO - you know, in case those traffic numbers don't look so good)
  • Professional Copywriting (upon request)

Worried about getting website visitors? Our SEO associates can help you formulate a strategic keyword strategy and optimize your website for search engines.

Can I build you something fun?