I build relationships.  And websites.

I'm Megan Crandlemire, owner of Starboard Digital.  I've been building websites for individuals and small businesses since 2004.  Favorite part of my job?  My clients.  Building a website is a rather intimate experience.  And it should be fun.  To build a really good website, your designer needs to "get you", what you're all about, what your business is about, what feeling you want to convey to your visitors.  That's what I strive for when I take on a new client, that level of understanding.

Website design and general online marketing advice.

Putting yourself on the web can be daunting at times.  There are a million options - do it yourself? hire someone? social media? SEO? Pay Per Click?  Should I tweet, be on Facebook, Pinterest, blog...the list goes on and on.  I can help you sort all of that out.  By getting to know you, I can better suggest the areas to focus on.  Afterall, we can't be "everywhere" and be fully present in those places.  We must focus our time.  I'll help you focus on the places that make the most sense for you and your business goals.

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